Titanium Sublimation Pump

It is used to supplement the pumping action of other UHV pumps (normally Ion pumps and turbo molecular pumps) as it can be more effective at pumping certain gases.

The main advantage of this pump is that it is simple, inexpensive and can produce high pumping speeds. The TSP consists of 3 removable hairpin shaped filaments. They are made from an alloy of Titanium and Molybdenum and are mounted in a simple carrier designed to have low electrical resistance. A high current, from an external power supply, is passed through the filament so that it glows red hot. At this temperature, titanium is sublimated directly from the filament. This sublimated evaporant then coats the nearby walls of the chamber.

▪ To increase pumping speed the TSP can be equipped with a Liquid Nitrogen Shield
▪ Can operate in any orientation

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Titanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply TSP03-PS

» Titanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply TSP03-PS

For constant filament current operation and features a thyristor and phase-control circuit for long-term and trouble-free TSP operation.

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