Machining/treatment and welding compatible with UHV

Comprehensive range of service & support activities

Highly qualified staff coupled the most modern equipment allows PREVAC to meet a wide range of requirements with the highest level of services. Based on our knowledge and experience we provide the following services:


PREVAC’s advanced surface modification technologies include the latest industry standard precision turning and milling. We have extensive experience in stainless steel, titanium, brass, bronze and aluminum machining. We produce components in accordance with technological documentation and industry standard metrological requirements. Our quality control process is supported by modern measuring equipment to ensure that every customer requirement is met.
Moreover, to fulfill our customer’s needs, we use only well-known brands of equipment. In order to keep up with worldwide technological advances, PREVAC focuses on continuous improvement of machining processes, and investment in the latest machine technology. This policy allows us to offer the widest range of highest quality services.


We specialize in welding a wide range of vacuum components,  such as chambers, reducers, electrical feedthroughs etc. All components are Helium leak tested under vacuum after welding.
We offer:
1. TIG (Tungsten Insert Gas) welding, which is ideal for high quality and precision welding. TIG welding can be performed with a wide variety of materials. It can be used to weld carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and even nickel alloys.
Main TIG welding benefits:
• Excellent metallurgical weld quality  
• Precise weld bead control
• Superior arc and weld pool control, which delivers clean welds without spatters
• TIG welds can be made in all welding positions (flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead) depending on the materials being welded
2. Plasma arc-welding is an arc welding process similar to TIG welding. The key difference from TIG is greater arc stability. In plasma arc welding the plasma is forced through a nozzle which constricts the arc. The plasma exits the orifice at high velocities and a temperatures approaching 20,000°C. By forcing the plasma gas and arc through a constricted orifice, the torch delivers a high concentration of heat to a small area making it possible to weld elements down to 0.1 mm thickness.


We offer:
1. Wet sandblasting – the process of cleaning any surface by water jet mixed with abrasive (sand). The effect is similar to grinding, however the cleaned surface is much smoother and there are no problems at corners or crooking.
2. Shot blasting (stainless steel, aluminum, copper) – the process is similar to sandblasting but the water jet is replaced by compressed air pressure. Shot blasting achieves very high quality surfaces.
3. Barrel finishing - a modern finishing technique in which a low-pressure abrasion action is used. During the process the edges are blunted and rounded off, the material is degreased and cleared from rust and tarnish, the surface is grinded and polished. Effective barrel finishing is achieved by application of an extensive range of machinery, media chips, liquid and powder compounds and control of process variables to provide a variety of required surface finishes.


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