Analytical systems for synchrotrons

UHV system [project 434]

Sample transport system for a UHV sample preparation facility with UHV surface preparation and analysis module.

Transferring system

Flag Style sample holder, “shuttles”.

System configuration

- Radial Distribution Chamber for transferring the samples between attached chambers under UHV conditions – semi motorized

- Shuttle transfer module – allows to transfer special type of sample holder - shuttles

- Preparation chamber including:

  • Ion sputter source for sample cleaning
  • Blade cleaver
  • Scraper
  • Shuttle heating stage
  • Storage for 5 shuttles
  • Rotary drive

- Fast entry load lock chamber - allows to load two shuttles

- Vertical transfer tunnel -  allows to transfer two shuttles between two chamber

- UHV surface preparation and analysis module including:

  • 4 UHV single evaporators
  • RHEED system
  • Flashing machine
  • Optical pyromiter
  • Cooling stage
  • Ion sputter source
  • Gas dosing system
  • LEED system
  • Cylindrical mirror analyzer
  • 4-axes manipulator, motorized with integrated quartz balance and shutter for wedge growth, LN2 cooling and possibility of heating the sample up to 1000°C

- Accessories:

  • Set of sample holders
  • Bakeout system
  • 19" rack cabinets for all electronic units
  • Support frame
  • LED lighting

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