Analytical systems for synchrotrons

UHV system for synchrotron experimental station [project 536]

Experimental station dedicated for photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Total Electron Yield & Total Fluorescence Yield techniques).


  • The system consists of analysis chamber, preparation chambers, load lock, storage and radial distribution chamber.
  • Analytical chamber fabricated from mu-metal is equipped with total fluorescence detector based on silicon photodiode, 5-axes cryogenic manipulator, two-anodes X-ray source, UV source with monochromator, electron flood source and gas dosing system. The base pressure in the analytical chamber is ≤ 1*10-10 mbar.
  • 5-axes analysis manipulator with LHe cooling (open cycle) for flag style sample holders,
  • Preparation chamber designed for appllication and characterisation of samples, equipped with LEED spectrometer and 4-axes LN2 manipulator for PTS holders, Electron Beam Evaporator EBV 40A1, Efusion Cell EF 40C1 and Ion Source IS 40E1.
  • Additional preparation chamber with 4-axes LN2 manipulator for PTS sample holders, prepared for working with gases.
  • Sample loading system with separated load-lock chamber
  • Storage chamber for 6 PTS sample holders.
  • Cleaver chamber with equipment

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» Systems

Mirror / Gratings Systems

» Mirror / Gratings Systems

Vacuum mirror chambers are situated along the synchrotron beam line.

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Analytical UHV system [project 306]

» Analytical UHV system [project 306]

Customized multi chamber UHV system dedicated for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces in wide temperature and pressure ranges.

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Sputtering system [project 241]

» Sputtering system [project 241]

UHV magnetron sputtering system dedicated to accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition. It is configured to allow sputtering from both magnetic and non-magnetic target materials alike.

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Multitechnique Ultra High Vacuum System [project 424]

» Multitechnique Ultra High Vacuum System [project 424]

EMIL Analytics Project. Multifunctional, multichamber ultra high vacuum analytical system.



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» Components

Flow Through High Pressure Reactor

» Flow Through High Pressure Reactor

Designed to study reactions between gases and solid/powder samples under high pressure (between reactor’s cups), in the reactor chamber under UHV conditions

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Hemispherical Energy Analyser EA15-HP50

» Hemispherical Energy Analyser EA15-HP50

The EA15-HP50 allows high-resolution PES measurements in static and dynamic environments up to 50 mbar.

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PTS 1000 IR RES/C-K sample holder

» PTS 1000 IR RES/C-K sample holder

The PTS 1000 IR RES/C-K Sample Holder is designed specifically for optical transmission spectroscopy (IR, UV) over the temperature range –170°C to 1000°C.

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Z Slides

» Z Slides

Precise UHV specimen translator having Z motion.

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» Electronics

Flood Source Power Supply FS40-PS

» Flood Source Power Supply FS40-PS

New power supply with touchscreen dedicated for Flood Source FS40A1.

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Thickness Monitors TM13 & TM14

» Thickness Monitors TM13 & TM14

The TM13 and TM14 devices comprise: quartz oscillator, frequency measuring system and communication interface.

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Motion Control 6

» Motion Control 6

Electronic device for controlling up to 6 stepper motors.

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Sample Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS

» Sample Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS

Power supply operated by touchscreen with dual mode heating (resistive and electron bombardment) and high efficiency.

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» Software

Application for Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

» Application for Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

Used to control the power, preparing a recipe for heating and acquisition of measured data.

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» Synthesium

New software dedicated to vacuum deposition applications.

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» Spectrium

Control and data acquisition software dedicated to EA15 class analysers.

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