Deposition systems

Advanced, multi-technique systems for UHV surface science

» 032 PRIMS

Smart, Basic DC Sputtering System.

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Magnetron Sputtering System in UHV standard [project 560]

» Magnetron Sputtering System in UHV standard [project 560]

UHV system designed for confocal and planar „sputter down” RF/DC/DC PULS deposition process.

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Ion Milling System <br> [project 557]

» Ion Milling System
[project 557]

UHV system for sample surface ion etching with high homogeneity.

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Magnetron Sputtering System <br> [project 533]

» Magnetron Sputtering System
[project 533]

System for research and development for thin film coating of substrate with different materials.

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PLD system [project 538]

» PLD system [project 538]

Ultra high vacuum system dedicated for Pulsed Laser Deposition.

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Sputter Deposition System <br> [project 525]

» Sputter Deposition System
[project 525]

Sputter-down system equipped with 4 magnetrons and easy access to top flange, bottom flange and substrate stage.

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UHV multichamber cluster tool [project 526]

» UHV multichamber cluster tool [project 526]

Multichamber deposition setup with tunnel transferring system.

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Mini MBE system

» Mini MBE system

Compact and fully functional deposition unit for molecular beam epitaxy technique.

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