Deposition systems

HIPIMS system [project 335]


The HIPIMS Reactor is a dual purpose deposition chamber. It allows accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition and extensive plasma diagnostic investigation. It is configured to allow sputtering from both magnetic and non-magnetic target materials alike. The deposition process is fully programmable via dedicated PC software and PLC controller.


The reactor chamber is equipped with additional ports of various sizes for diagnostics and supplementary equipment. The three DN100CF ports located on the top of the chamber are occupied by the magnetron sources which are suitable for DC sputtering, RF/pulsed DC sputtering with both reactive and non reactive gases allowing for the deposition of both metallic and compound coatings. The top of the chamber can be mechanically lifted.

 The supplementary ports can be used to mount:

  •     additional gas dosing system,
  •     pumping system,
  •     load lock chamber,
  •     manipulator,
  •     RF Electrode,
  •     vacuum gauge,
  •     and various plasma diagnostic tools.


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