Deposition systems

Deposition system with door access [project 236]

Our family of deposition systems offer the flexibility of several techniques in a single chamber. Each system in the range features a universal mounting flange (320 mm dia.) which can be configured for specific deposition 
techniques or combination of
techniques. A modular, user friendly
 approach to system design means that
 the entire system can be reconfigured by 
simply changing the universal mounting flange,
a process that has been made both fast and 
simple. For demanding applications that require UHV base pressures, the systems can also be configured with appropriate sealing and pumping systems to achieve a guaranteed minimum of 10-9 mbar.

A unique feature of these systems is that the source mounting stage on the bottom face of the chamber is designed so that it can be effortlessly exchanged with matching stages that are configured with thermal, e-beam or combination sources, providing a truly multi-technique, multi-deposition system that is ideal for both small scale production and R&D prototyping. Systems are equipped with a transfer port for future connection to e.g. UHV cluster apparatus.

The systems can be configured with:

  • thermal evaporation boats
  • magnetron sources

  • crucibles
  • effusion cells

  • e-beam sources
  • combinations of the above

Each source type can be equipped with manual or automatic shutters and the entire system can also be supplied with semi-automatic or fully-automatic control via pneumatic actuation. A wealth of spare flanges and viewports enable future expansion and ancillary equipment to be mounted whilst the deposition chamber itself is equipped with a large, easy access vacuum door which has differential pumping. This maintains an excellent base pressure whilst providing easy access to the internals. The system also employs efficient double wall water cooling throughout.

In the standard configuration the chamber is equipped for multi-sample mounting via 1′′ or 2′′ substrate holders but other sizes can be accommodated on request.

There are a range of sample manipulator options to provide the widest possible access to substrate conditions including full 360 degree rotation with stage heating and cooling.

The free chamber ports can be populated with a range of instrumentation including:

  • ion sources
  • thickness monitor
  • residual analyser
  • load lock chamber with transfer
  • gas dosing system

The systems are delivered with all necessary power supplies and control units in a stand-alone 19′′ cabinet system with fully interlocked and protected vacuum, process and vent control.

A comprehensive PC control and data acquisition system is available as an option and also allows ancillary techniques and devices to be fully integrated.


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