Deposition systems

UHV deposition system [project 364]

UHV deposition system dedicated to accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition. It is configured to allow deposition for of magnetic and non-magnetic materials do in separate chambers.

The UHV system is equipped with two process chamber with equipment and Load lock chamber. Base pressure in to the process chamber is better than <5*10-9 mbar. Pumping system is based on highly effective cryo-pump system. Design is prepared for electron beam sources configuration. The current system equipped in precise, efficient UHV Multi-pocket electron beam source, capability to take up to six 7cc crucibles, ideal for research and development applications, as well as small production jobs . The system is full automated with automatic transfer of 4" sample holders . Software (PLC based) allows for the complete freedom in creating programs, the user can define sequence of steps carried out on any device registered in the system. In addition, sequences can be stacked in a program, where it is possible to call cyclical individual sequences and whole groups. Process editor allows for operations on sequences: copy, move (changing the order of calls), remove, steps edit etc.


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