Deposition systems

PLD system [project 465]


Versatile Pulse Layer Deposition system for material screening of oxides and nitrides for photo(electro)catalysis.



The Prevac PLD System is a customized ultra high vacuum system designed for thin film deposition. The main component of the system is a UHV Chamber for PLD (Pulse Laser Deposition) in which material is evaporated by a high energy laser pulse incident upon the surface of ceramic (or metal) targets.

The PLD system is completed with free-standing electrical cabinets containing all the electronics for all system components, pumps and vacuum gauges.

The PLD system consists of turbo-molecular pumping systems with automatic control. The turbo-molecular pumping systems comprise turbo-molecular pump, fore vacuum pump (scroll pump), set of interconnecting bellows, set of valves (safety and vent), set of cables and corresponding microprocessor controlled electronics unit for automatic control of pumping and venting cycles.

The system is equipped with vacuum measuring instruments comprising full range vacuum gauges and capacitive gauge (installed on vacuum chambers), fore vacuum gauges (installed on fore vacuum lines), set of cables and corresponding electronics unit.

Illumination inside of the vacuum chambers is achieved via LED devices installed on the bolt heads of the chamber view ports.

Various different types of PTS sample holders are used for mounting and transferring samples inside the system. These can variously be heated and/or cooled.


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» Systems

Deposition system with door access [project 334]

» Deposition system with door access [project 334]

Deposition system which offers the flexibility of several techniques in a single chamber.

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ARTOF Analysis System [project 390]

» ARTOF Analysis System [project 390]

Dedicated system for ARTOF experiments with controllable sample temperature from 7 K to 400 K (PID controlled).

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PEAXIS system [project 459]

» PEAXIS system [project 459]

PREVAC PEAXIS endstation system is a combination of XAS, RIXS and AdXPS techniques.

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Analytical UHV system integrated with MBE chamber [project 473]

» Analytical UHV system integrated with MBE chamber [project 473]

A analytical UHV system dedicated for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces in UHV conditions integrated with MBE chamber.

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» Components

Load Lock Chamber

» Load Lock Chamber

Provides a fast and clean method of introducing samples into UHV systems.

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Linear Shifts

» Linear Shifts

UHV transfer mechanism fabricated from a pair of flanges, connected by an edge welded bellows.

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Transport Box (vacuum suitcase)

» Transport Box (vacuum suitcase)

Used for transporting samples between different UHV systems in ultra high vacuum conditions.

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Analytical Chamber

» Analytical Chamber

Designed for applications requiring the investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin films and nanomaterials.

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» Electronics

UV Source Power Supply UV40A-PS

» UV Source Power Supply UV40A-PS

For controlling the UV source UV40A1 in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS) applications.

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Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS

» Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS

Compact switch-mode power supply designed to drive magnetron sources.

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Ion Source Power Supply IS40-PS

» Ion Source Power Supply IS40-PS

High stability & low noise power supply, which can be configured to work with IS40C1 or IS40E1 Ion Sources.

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Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13

» Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13

Newest technology electronics designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes.

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» Software

Application for Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

» Application for Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

Used to control the power, preparing a recipe for heating and acquisition of measured data.

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» Spectrium

Control and data acquisition software dedicated to EA15 class analysers.

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» Synthesium

New software dedicated to vacuum deposition applications.

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