Deposition systems

UHV Deposition System [project 464]

This UHV multichamber system is designed for handling 1” diameter substrates consisting of growth chamber, preparation chamber, load lock and distribution chamber. The whole depositions process is controlled by software contained on PC.

  • The Deposition chamber is equipped with numerous ports for diagnostics and ancillary equipment. The different ports in CF standard located on the bottom of the chamber
  • Two levels preparation chamber, equipped with LEED, TDS, ion source, electron beam evaporator, mechanical surface cleaner, and many ports which can be used for future preparation or evaporation devices. The temperature on the sample depends on the sample holders and can vary from -180°C to 2000°C.
  • Distribution Chamber for transferring sample holders to particular chambers connected on its circumference.
  • Load lock chamber prepared for dust samples pumping, with internal bakeout system.

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