Deposition systems

Sputter Deposition System
[project 525]

Sputter-down system equipped with 4 planar magnetron sputtering sources and easy access to top flange, bottom flange and substrate stage.

The loading and unloading process to and from the main chamber can be performed using a load-lock in combination with a linear transfer mechanism. The substrate holder manipulator is capable of holding, continuous rotating & cooling/heating samples with size of up to 4 inch (placed on 3-pins plate). The substrate stage is located at the bottom of the process chamber (sputter-down system) and allows heating the substrate to at least 650°C.

All relevant pneumatic, electronic, electromagnetic and motorized coomponents are controllable by a central control unit, comprising a programmable logic controller in combination with HMI device. Control software Synthesium allows for full control over process recipes and monitoring, manipulating all relevant subsystems.

  • Base pressure: better than 10-8 mbar,
  • Equipped with 4 planar magnetron sputtering sources in confocal sputter arrangement and ion source,
  • Load-lock chamber with linear transfer for fast substrate holder introducing,
  • Front door to process chamber,
  • Top flange lifting mechanism (motorised and full protected) for easy changing the magnetron targets,
  • Bottom flange with substrate manipulator fully accessible or replaceable using dedicated lifting trolley,
  • Motorized substrate manipulator with heating and cooling possibility for 4” 3-pins plate,
  • Innovative process automation software.

The process chamber is equipped with additional ports for e.g. analysis instruments.

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