Deposition systems

PLD system [project 538]

Fully automated UHV system dedicated for PLD applications.

  • Process chamber with base pressure better than 5x10-7 mbar. Allows for deposition of thin films on the substrate and their characterisation in-situ by RHEED methods. Main chamber contains ports for e.g. RHEED gun and screen, ion source, beam flux monitor, quartz balances, effusion cells, vacuum gauges, gas dosing system etc.
  • 3-axes, motorised target manipulator with revolver mechanism with possiblity of holding up to 6 target holders. Dedicated to 1" target PTS holders.
  • 5-axes, motorised substrate manipulator with heating up to 1200 °C or LN2 cooling (for 1" substrate PTS holders).
  • 1-axis, motorised manipulator for wedge layers and masks.
  • Load lock with linear transfer for fast and easy substrate/target holders introduction. Able to storage up to 8 PTS holders.
  • Automatic gas dosing system for quick gas input.

The whole deposition process including transferring and positioning of substrate/target holders can be fully software controlled and automated using PREVAC's electronics and dedicated innovative Synthesium software.
System can be supplied in a standalone configuration or as part of a larger integrated research system.



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