Deposition systems

Mini MBE system

The Mini MBE System is a compact, fully equipped device for epitaxial growth of thin layers with the option of in-situ RHEED characterisation

  • Mini MBE chamber (dia. 250 mm) with LN2 shroud and base pressure <2×10-10 mbar
  • Chamber equipped with 8 ports for shutters and exchangeable bottom flange which includes 8 ports for evaporators (customized bottom flange on request)
  • Spare ports available for additional components
  • 4 axis motorized manipulator with high precision temperature control, resistive heating up to 1000C or EB heating up to 1400°C, water or LN2 cooling (simpler manipulator on request)
  • Prepared to work with flag style sample holders (other holders on request)
  • Quartz balance for deposition rate measurement
  • Load Lock chamber with carrousel for six flag style sample holders
  • Reliable and fast linear transferring system from load-lock to Mini MBE chamber
  • 19“ cabinet for electronic units
  • Adjustable rigid main frame with large wheels for easy placement of the system


  • Variety of the evaporation sources
  • Computer-controlled data acquisition and processing software
  • RHEED system
  • Beam Flux Monitor
  • Dedicated chiller
  • Residual gas analyser for a different mass range


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