Mobile Pumping Station [project 420]

Our Mobile Pumping Station with PCU16 Power Control Unit could be built of various forevacuum and turbomolecular pumps as well as many types of mass spectrometers.


  • Working mode: automatic or manual
  • 2 channels for vacuum measurement
  • Ability to read & control from any place (ethernet interface or wireless mobile devices)
  • Ability to read turbo pump parameters such as: rotation speed, actual rotation, supply voltage, motor current, motor temp, converter temp, bearing temp, error code
  • UPS power supply
  • Connection for additional RGA measurement devices
  • USB service & upgrade port


  • Connection flange: DN 63 CF or 100 CF
  • Turbo pump pumping speed: 65 - 270 l/s
  • Forevacuum pump pumping speed: 14 m3/h
  • Ultimate pressure: <1x10-10 mbar
  • Separate fore & high vacuum pressure measurement
  • Cooling method: air
  • Available interfaces: RS232, Ethernet/IP
  • Compresed air & purge gas connection: hose OD 6 mm
  • Integrated UPS
  • Equipped with mass spectrometer: range 0 - 200 amu (option)
  • Equipped with small multi port UHV chamber

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