Range of standard and custom vacuum chambers to fit every research need

In vacuum systems chambers contain the vacuum at base pressures ranging over 10 orders of magnitude. The chambers physical characteristics are as varied as applications for which vacuum is used. They can be as small as a few millimeters in diameter or as large as a few meters in diameter. They can be as simple as a regular fourway cross or have hundreds of ports angled towards many internal focal points in many levels of the chamber.

Analytical Chambers

» Analytical Chambers

Analytical chambers are designed for applications requiring the investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin films and nanomaterials.

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Cleaver Chambers

» Cleaver Chambers

The cleaver chamber provides a UHV environment for cleaving crystal specimens.

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Flow Through High Pressure Reactors

» Flow Through High Pressure Reactors

The flow through high pressure reactors are designed to facilitate high pressure (up to 20 bar) experiments with various reaction gases.

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Static High Pressure Reactors

» Static High Pressure Reactors

The static high pressure reactors are designed to facilitate high pressure (up to 1 bar) experiments with various reaction gases.

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Infrared Chambers

» Infrared Chambers

The infrared chamber is specifically designed for IR Spectroscopic investigations. It is equipped with sample positioning mechanism, viewports and spare ports for future requirements.


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Linear transfers

» Linear transfers

The linear transfers are designed to transport sample holders/samples between chambers.

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Load Lock Chambers

» Load Lock Chambers

Load lock chambers provide a fast and clean method of introducing samples into UHV systems.

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Preparation Chambers

» Preparation Chambers

Preparation chambers provide versatile in-situ preparation facilities ranging from standard sample preparation techniques and thin film growth, sputtering and annealing, to advanced preparation techniques with in-situ characterisation.

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