Load Lock Chamber

Load lock chambers (intro chambers) provide a fast and clean method of introducing samples into UHV systems.

The load lock chamber mechanisms combine with our range of load lock chambers to provide the most versatile sample loading conditions at various positions on the UHV system.

Additional information
Load locks may be positioned at various places on the UHV system, such as direct connection to the radial distribution chamber, linear transfer line or glovebox.
Our standard range of load lock chambers are suitable for most positions and most applications but we will also be happy to fabricate to your individual specifications.
Load lock chambers are typically equipped with:
• load lock chamber mechanism
• pump system
• viewports
• pressure gauges


The top port of the load lock chamber mechanism is usually sealed by a viton gasket. The chambers are equipped with UHV connecting flanges and additional ports for future versatility. They are designed for base pressures between 1x10-7 mbar and 1x10-9 mbar. A range of options exist for e.g. LN2 cooling or heating samples up to 600 °C.

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