Special Chambers




Custom designed and fabricated UHV chambers and complete vacuum systems for a wide range of applications, including research/production prototype MBE, PLD, PVD magnetron sputtering & atomic and molecular physics/chemistry.

The choice of materials and the basic design of any vacuum chamber are as varied as the individual applications for which they are required. The demands on ultimate chamber base pressures for example can range over 10 orders of magnitude. Physical dimensions may be anything from a few millimeters to several metres in diameter. A simple experiment may dictate a simple configuration, such as a four way cross. A sophisticated, versatile analysis chamber on the other hand may require fifty or more of ports angled towards many different internal focal points and at many different levels.

We manufacture custom vacuum chambers to your exact specifications. We can work with your drawings or else create the full 3D design drawings from your instructions. Our team of highly trained engineering staff use the very latest CAD techniques chamber and system design alike.

We have invested significantly in the latest machining and finishing technologies and can construct large or small chambers with any number of ports positioned in different angles and suitable for any operating base pressure requirement.

Our machine shop staff are highly skilled at machining, welding and joining all types of HV and UHV compatible materials including: stainless steel, OFHC copper, bronze, macor, ceramic, teflon, titanium, aluminium, molybdenum, tantalum, mu-metal, vespel and inconel. We also fabricate heat shields and reflectors from tantalum, molybdenum and stainless steel.







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