Transferring Tunnel

Transferring tunnel is used to transfer samples between UHV chambers, in a stable and easy-to-operate way.

Up to 15 sample holders can be loaded and transferred via the dedicated sample holder trolley. The chamber is made of stainless steel and includes flanges for pump, viewports, gauges and valves. Guaranteed base pressure range 10-11 mbar after bakeout at 150 ºC.

Sample holders
A special transferring trolley is ready to contain up to 15 pcs of PTS or flag holders or 3 pcs of plate style holder.

R1 axis rotation (90° left, 90° right). Rotation is independent for each port.

Additional information
The movement of a special trolley is realized through linear magnetic drive and rail transfer inside tube. All motion elements: rotary feedthrough, drive belt with set of magnets, section motor, etc. are outside the vacuum in order to guarantee best vacuum performance and easy service. The trolley with 15 positions for sample holders is mounted in vertical position. The trolley switches its angular position in variable sections automatically, a solution which guarantees easy operation and smooth transferring into dedicated Radial Distribution Chamber. The linear motion is fully automatic, each section includes its own optical sensor and motor to guarantee completely independent movement of each section as well as high precision and full protection of the system. All motion elements are mounted outside the vacuum in order to guarantee the best vacuum performance and for ease of service. The fast entry load lock chamber mechanism is used for loading sample holder cassette.


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