Comprehensive UHV instruments for research

PREVAC designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced UHV instruments for the surface science techniques. Every aspect of every instrument is fully developed and manufactured in-house using the very latest, best practice technologies and manufacturing methods, to produce next generation functionality and to ensure the very best support and responsiveness to our customers. All of our instruments are fully application tested and field proven for exceptional long term performance characteristics and stability. Each instrument in our range is easy to use, fully interlocked where appropriate, and delivered with the very latest modular control software for maximum flexibility and integration. For special requirements we can modify and develop our instruments to suit your individual requirements.

Quartz Balance QO 40A1

» Quartz Balance QO 40A1

The Quartz Balance QO 40A1 provides a real-time, progressive indication of coating thickness during deposition, for high accuracy and reproducibility in coatings production.

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Thermal Desorption Spectrometer TDS 40A1

» Thermal Desorption Spectrometer TDS 40A1

The TDS 40A1 is designed for Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) applications.

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Beam Flux Monitor

» Beam Flux Monitor

The Beam Flux Monitor enables measurement of the beam equivalent pressure (BEP) in MBE applications.

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UV source with monochromator

» UV source with monochromator

High-power, monochromatized UV source for the study of nanostructures.

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