Comprehensive UHV instruments for research

The instruments are Ion Sources, Electron Sources, Flood Sources, Electron Beam Evaporators, Effusion Cells, X-Ray Sources, UV Sources, Thermal Desorption Spectrometers, Quartz Balances.

PREVAC EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser

» PREVAC EA15 Hemispherical Energy Analyser

PREVAC EA15 hemispherical energy analyser is intended to provide high-resolution PES measurements to be analysed in a 150 mm mean radius assembly.

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X-ray source with monochromator RMC50

» X-ray source with monochromator RMC50

RMC50 X-ray source with monochromator is based on ellipsoidal quartz crystal and operates according to Bragg Law of X-ray diffraction.

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UV Source UVS 40A2

» UV Source UVS 40A2

The UV Source (UVS) is a high intensity Photon Source that can be operated with a variety of discharge gases.

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X-ray Source RS40B1

» X-ray Source RS40B1

The RS 40B1 X-Ray Source is a high intensity twin anode Al/Mg source optimized for XPS / ESCA, High Pressure XPS experiments (option).

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Ion Source IS 40C1

» Ion Source IS 40C1

The ion source IS 40C1 is a compact, easy-to-use extractor type ion gun for sample surface cleaning.

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Ion Source IS 40E1

» Ion Source IS 40E1

The IS 40E1 ion source is a two lens, extractor type, focused, differentially pumped ion gun.

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Electron Source ES 40C1

» Electron Source ES 40C1

The ES 40C1 Electron Source is a scanable electron gun with small spot profile.

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Flood Source FS 40A1

» Flood Source FS 40A1

Low cost electron flood gun for charge neutralisation of insulators or semiconductors in XPS/AES and SIMS applications.

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