Hemispherical Energy Analyser EA15

Hemispherical Energy Analyser EA151/2

Technical data


Mounting flange DN 100 CF
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C
Working distance 43 mm
Analyser mean radius 150 mm
Pass energies

20, 50, 100, 200 eV
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 eV
Energy resolution

< 20 meV FWHM
< 3 meV FWHM
Kinetic energy range 0.5 - 3000 eV
Acquisition modes fixed, scan
Transmission and angular lens mode:
 ▫ lens acceptance angle
   (transmission mode)
 ▫ lens acceptance angle
   (angular mode)

+/- 15°

+/- 10°
Maximum energy window in fixed mode 12.5 % of pass energy (for MCP-CCD)
Completely designed of non-magnetic materials

PREVAC EA15 hemispherical energy analyser provides high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy measurements with a 150 mm mean radius analyser.

The analyser is wrapped in a shield constructed of up to two parallel mu-metal plates guaranteeing adequate analysis conditions for low-and high-energy photoelectrons.

Equipped with a total number of 11 slits, the analyser offers the possibility to choose between best energy resolution and best intensity. According to given photoelectron energy the analyser is set up with up to 8 predefined PE to satisfy customer's requirements.

•  MCP-CCD detector
    - 40 mm diameter dual MCP detector  
    - 656 energy channels available simultanously
    - 494 angular channels available simultanously
    - 90 fps
•  7-MCD detector
•  DLD detector (on request)

The PREVAC analyser package includes:
▪ EA15 150 mm hemispherical energy analyser
RUDI-EA2 high stable and low noise electronics
SPECTRIUM acquisition and analyser control software for Windows OS computer system.

Additional information
EA15 hemispherical energy analyser can be controlled directly by LabVIEW programming environment.

The use of a mu-metal analysis vacuum chamber or an inner mu-metal shielded chamber in combination with PREVAC EA15 hemispherical energy analyser is recommended in order to minimalize influence of external magnetic fields and to maximize performance of the analyser.

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