X-ray source with monochromator RMC50

X-ray source with monochromator RMC50
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Technical data

Mounting flange DN 100 CF
Crystal area 200 mm x 100 mm
Rowland circle diameter 500 mm
Chamber diameter 310 mm
Chamber port length 220 mm
X-ray source anodes single anode Al (standard)
dual anode Al/Ag (option)
Modes normal (non-focusing):
1 mm x 4 mm (standard)
small spot (focusing):
1 mm x 2 mm (option)
Voltage up to 15 kV
Power Al: 200 W (focusing), 450 W (non-focusing)
Ag: 300 W (focusing), 600 W (non-focusing)
Manipulator X/Y/Z range ± 6.5 mm / ± 6.5 mm / 25 mm
Differential pumping yes
Shutter option
BIS option
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C
Weight (approx.) 65 kg

New RMC50 X-ray with source monochromator is based on ellipsoidal quartz crystal and operates according to Bragg Law of X-ray diffraction. Crystal mirror has been installed on special designed independent retraction, pitch, roll mechanism to precise adjustment working position and two halogen heaters controlled via PID regulator. The monochromator with a Rowland circle of 500mm diameter for a high X-ray energy resolution has a compact design with differential pumping ports and an optional polymer aluminized window can be installed to prevent from sputtering.
X-ray source based on redesigned dual anode source has been installed on three degrees of motion high precise manipulator. Source has two operate modes – high power up to 600W, and small spot for high spatial/energy resolution measurement.


  • Two anode types (Al/Ag) radiation to be monochromized with one single crystal
  • High photon intensity giving a line width of < 0.25 eV
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Satellites and ghosts line eliminated
  • Reduce background
  • Reduce sample distortion
  • Crystal temperature stability
  • Small spot working mode
  • High energy resolution

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