Magnetron Source MS2 63C1

Magnetron Source MS2 63C1

Technical data


Mounting flange DN 63 CF *
Max. power (DC mode) 400 W DC **
Max. power (RF mode) 400 W RF **
Max. voltage DC 1200 V
Connector DC/RF type 7/16
2" (50.8 mm) ± 0.2 mm
1 - 6 mm
Water flow min. 1l/min
Max. inlet water temperature  < 28 °C
Max. water pressure 3 bar
Tubing diameter Ø6×1 mm PTFE
Magnet material Neodymium Iron Boride (NdFeB)
Magnet max. temperature 200 °C
Internal pneumatic shutter yes - dome type shutter
Insitu tilt module yes, range +45° ÷ -10°
Chimney yes
Typical rates
     Cu, 140 mm distance
     Ti, 140 mm distance

45 nm/min @ 300 W
30 nm/min @ 300 W 
 Internal gas inlet yes (VCR standard)
Working gas Ar
Max. working pressure 5×10-3 - 1×10-1 mbar
Optimal working pressure 5×10-3 - 5×10-2 mbar

* Other mounting flange on request (DN 100 CF, DN 160 CF).
** The maximum power is determined by the target material.

The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source is used to apply thin layers with high homogeneity in the sputtering process.

The source is compatible with UHV conditions. Thanks to the integrated in situ tilt system, it can be used in both standard and custom geometry chambers. By using the dome type design we minimize the space needed to open the shutter. MS2 63C1 is fully compatible with our M600DC-PS power supply as well as all other DC, RF and pulsed DC power supplies available on the market.


  • Mounting flange: DN 63 CF
  • In situ tilt range: +45° ÷ -10°
  • Chimney as standard
  • Pneumatic dome type shutter

  • Diameter: 2"
  • Thickness | non-magnetic: 1-6 mm
  • Thickness | magnetic: Fe 1 mm, Co 2-3 mm, Ni 2 mm
  • Indirectly cooled


  • Mass Flow Controller (MKS MF1)
  • Z manipulator


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Check our multifunctional switch-mode DC power supply M600DC-PS, to drive up to 3 magnetron sources.

Magnetron Power Supply

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