Motor controllers for simple transferring system

Advanced power supplies & control electronics for instruments and ancillary equipment

The Stepping Motor Control Drivers are designed to control the stepping motors with the encoder and safety limit switches in the precision transferring systems, eg. manipulator, sample transferring system, system table positioning and other.

Control the movement with encoder
When accurate step information is required the motor encoder module can be mounted. Default encoder resolution is 500 pulses/revolution and is recommended for standard motors 200 steps/revolution, which can work in half step mode (400 half-steps/revolution).

Control the movement with sensor switches
By default the stepping motor movement is controlled and limited by limit switches. Backward limit switch prohibits movement to the backward position when backward limit switch is detected. Forward limit switch prohibits movement to the forward position when forward limit switch is detected. When the Driver is executing the movement and detects the limit switch, it will stop immediately. During normal operation limit switches are not required and used only in critical situation for safety reasons. It is possible to use up to 10 sensors for controlling the movement, finding the critical area or setting the reference position for encoder. The signals from the sensors can immediately control the stepping motor or can be read transparently by the computer application.

Control the digital output
3 digital outputs are available for controlling additional relays, valves or other equipment.

Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD14

» Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD14

Designed for controlling the low and high power stepper motors in applications.

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Motion Control 6

» Motion Control 6

Electronic device for controlling up to 6 stepper motors.

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