Motor controllers for simple transferring system

Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD14

Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD14

Technical data

Supply voltage 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz (power consumption max 70 W)
stepper motors
▪ 2 phase bipolar, motor current up to 3A/phase
▪ Motor power supply 24V
▪ Default microstepping mode: 1/16 step (3200 steps per motor rotation)
Other modes available
Encoder options Quadrature incremental encoder with or without differential RS422 line driver. Default for on-shaft rotary encoder 500CPR (2000 imp/rev)
External inputs ▪ 2 limit switches inputs for over-travel protection
▪ Reference position signal, for accurate position detection
▪ Enabling signal for interlocking motor movement
Indicators Led indicators informing of current movement events and errors
Communication Interface Modbus RTU protocol over dedicated RJ45 connector allow to connect multiple devices in a chain system
Dimensions 106 × 128 × 240 mm (W×H×D), 1/4 width, 3 units height, mounted in the 19″ rack
Weight (approx.) 1.4 kg

The SMCD14 Stepper Motor Control Device is designed for controlling the low and high power stepper motors in applications.


The SMCD14 device is mainly recommended for precision transfer systems, e.g. manipulators, sample transfer systems etc.


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