One axis manipulators

Z Slide

Z Slide1/1

Technical data

Bakeout temperature 150°C
Travelling flange DN 40 CF or DN 63 CF
Standard base flange DN 63 CF
Z motion control Handwheel
Z range 75-800 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised)

500 µm / standard 10 µm

(1 µm on request)


The Z Slide is a precise, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having Z motion. There is a choice of translator travelling flange, DN 40CF or DN 63CF, depending on the accessories that are fitted. The translator is suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting.


The Z Slides have been designed for ease and convenience of use. Z movement is 75-800 mm, depending on application. These translators provide greater linear travel than is available from The Linear Shifts.

Additional information

The Z Slides are mostly used together with XY Stages. After connecting the Z Slide with an XY Stage we get the XYZ Manipulator with three degrees of freedom. The Z Slide can also be fitted with a stepper motor as required.


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