Two axes manipulators

Stepper Motor Shift for XY Stages

Stepper Motor Shift for XY Stages1/2

Technical data

Bakeout temperature Non bakeable
Positional control X,Y Micrometeror stepper motor
X, Y range ±12.5 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm



The Stepper Motor Shifts for XY Stages are used to motorise the movement of the XY Stage. Each axis is motorised separately. This makes it possible to have one axis motorised and one axis manually operated. Motorised Stages are normally supplied with microswitch limit stops as standard but can also be operated manually as required.


Motorisation with stepper motors increases the resolution and repeatability of the translator movement and makes the positioning very precise and easy. The motion is fully controlled by PREVAC manipulator control software.

Additional information

The Stepper Motor XY Stages are controlled by the SMCD10 stepper motor driver.



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