Spectrium is a control and data acquisition software dedicated to EA15 class analysers.

Spectrium, based on the latest developments in techniques and signal processing, is a progressive and optimized software tool for data acquisition and analytical instruments controlling, with very intuitive graphical interface.

Spectrium offers the possibility to define single independent regions as well as grouping them in sequences. Also nesting sequences in major sequences is supported. Measurements can be done in Fixed and Scan mode and in both cases while processing, measurement tools and FWHM display are available. In addition, not only a real-time view of the detector image in 3D as well as energy graph, but also a graph of the 2D detector image and the possibility to filter a chosen intensity range are at the user's disposal.

Intensity graph is shown along geometry axis. In order to guarantee compatibility to existing software, data export to TXT, HDF5 and CasaXPS is available by default.

Imaging, mapping & depth profiling
  Spectrium is offering a package of pre-defined macros for easy experimental setup of these techniques
Components control
Software control of X-ray source, UV source, flood source, Ion source and manipulator
Interactive scan control
Software design has been optimized for more efficient workflow, resulting in a streamlined and simpler design. The control module is interactive and dynamic allowing adaptation of parameters to customer’s needs
High quality spectra
  User can use the Spectrium software for many experimental techniques for any research. It can measure high quality spectra
Direct export to CasaXPS
Possibility to directly export whole recipe data to CasaXPS with one click
Integration with TANGO and other control systems
Integration with LabView examples
Advance Access Levels Management
Provide limited access to particular features for analyzer's setup and control for specified user groups according to their knowledge
Multiple detector support
  The software is able to acquire data from MCP/CCD, Channeltron and Delayline type detectors
Configurable device window
Multiple views
Saving user window configuration

Windows 7/8/10, 64 bits, Intel  i5 2.6 Hz or equiv., 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, one 21” screen with
at least 1280 x 1024 pixels recommended.

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