Awards & Certificates

Polish Product of the Future

Project “Experimental Complex for Investigation of High Temperature Properties of Molten Metals and Alloys” created by representatives of Foundry Research Institute in Krakow and PREVAC has been rewarded as “Polish Product of the Future” in the 11th Edition of the “Polish Product of Future Competition”.

The Competition is held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and the objective of the Competition is promoting and disseminating the achievements of originators of innovative techniques and technologies, which have chance to become popular on the Polish market. In particular submitted projects are evaluated according to competitiveness, environmental friendliness and energy-saving. There are also assessed according to advanced stage, preparation for production and technical parameters compared with world equivalents.

Rewarded project has been realized by using vacuum research system produced by PREVAC. This system is assigned for investigations of different materials (metals, alloys, ceramics, glass, fluxes, drosses) at high temperature (up to 2000°C) under ultra high vacuum or protective atmosphere used for observation their high-temperature behavior and for estimation of their various properties in order to understand complicated physico-chemical phenomena taking place at high temperature (e.g., surface tension, density and fluidity of liquid and semi-liquid materials, shrinkage of metals and alloys during cooling and solidification in liquid, semi-liquid and solid states, wetting and spreading kinetics of liquids on and over surfaces of refractory materials, infiltration kinetics of liquids in to porous materials, stability and reactivity of liquid metals and alloys in contact with refractory materials, gasification of materials during their heating or chemical reaction in the examined system at high temperature).

The design of the system is build on the modular concept and consist of several apparatuses of own design having unique possibilities for complex materials characterization at high temperatures by different testing methods and various procedures or for simultaneous estimation of different characteristics in one test under high vacuum or flowing inert gas. Its central part presents the distribution chamber for transfer of the samples between different chambers and apparatuses without their opening and venting, while the samples have no contact with air. Vacuum of 10-6-1010 mbar is produced by vacuum pump system. The preparation chamber and their surface characterization (chemistry, impurities, oxidation) is equipped with Auger spectrometer and ion source (for surface cleaning or for neutralization of electrical charge at the surfaces of ceramic samples). The main part of the system is high temperature analysis chamber (up to 2000°C), working under ultra high vacuum or flowing inert gas; it is equipped with quadruple residual gas analyzer for characterization of gaseous reaction products and gases formed during materials heating, manipulator for movement of experimental table in XY plane or its smooth rotation (up to 270 degrees), manipulator for loading, removal and transfer of the samples between different chambers and apparatuses, manipulator located above the drop in order to transfer from the top an additional substrate or capillary with liquid metal, which can also squeeze metal through capillary in order to realize the in situ drop cleaning from initial oxide film by capillary purification (dispensed drop method) or drop sucking procedures.



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