» 2022

» Australian Vacuum Services

PREVAC representative for Australia.

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» 2021

» QI2021 Golden Emblem

for the highest quality management system for PREVAC sp. z o.o.

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» New publication with EA15-HP

We are proud to present a research article using PREVAC EA15-HP.

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» APXPS evolution!

Good news from HIPPIE beamline team from MAX IV

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» 2020

» Happy New Year

and best wishes for Christmas.

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» New instruments for evaporation process

See PREVAC's effusion cells.

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MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source for sputtering deposition applications.

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» PREVAC Virtual Booth

Meet our experts online!

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» Information

Due to the COVID-19, our administrative staff is switching to remote work from March 16.

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» Spectroscopy Research UHV Platform

We have a great pleasure to share this opinion and the latest publications!

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» SPIE Photonics West 2020

February 3-6 | San Francisco. Meet our friend Princeton Scientific at SPIE Photonics West.

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Meet our specialist ! 30-31.01.2020 DESY 30.01.2020 36'th SAOG Meeting

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» JSI & JSE 2020

January 21-24 | PARIS. We will be there with our friends from Scientec.
Join us!

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» 2019

» NEW UHV-HP AFM system

for frontier research on gas-solid interfaces.

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» AVS 66th International Symposium & Exhibition

Please visit us at the booth #507.  

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» IX AUSE Conference and 4th ALBA User´s Meeting 2019 | ALBA Synchrotron

Still on the road :)
Barcelona | October 8th - 10th, 2019  


It was a pleasure to participate in 31st MAX IV User Meeting on September 23-25th, 2019.  

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» We are pleased to invite you

to visit our booth at ECASIA'19.

Dresden | September 16-19 
Booth no 12

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» EA15-HP1 Energy Analyser

Upgraded pressure range up to 5 mbar

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» EA15-HP1 Energy Analyser

with upgraded pressure range up to 3 mbar

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» 2018

» Helium manipulators (closed cycle)

with second stage EB heating up to 1000 °C.

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» Effective laser heating

option for Flow Through High Pressure Reactor chambers.

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» Multi-chamber Cluster Tool

with tunnel transferring system have been installed at NGI Manchester University

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» New FS40 Power Supply

New Flood Source Power Supply FS40-PS with large touchscreen.

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» New PREVAC 7-MCD detector

Results from EA15 analyser with channeltron detector.

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» 1 mbar and 50 mbar XPS UPS systems

New systems dedicated for XPS/UPS experiments in pressure ranges 10-10 mbar up to 1 mbar, and 10-10 mbar up to 50 mbar

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» New laser heating solution

For fast and effective sample heating inside UHV chamber.

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» 2017

» Transferring tunnel

For easy transferring samples between different UHV chambers.

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» Tribometer chamber

Module for study of tribological properties between two surfaces in UHV or ambient pressure conditions.

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» Spin Coater

Module for applying a uniform thin film to flat substrates.

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» 2016

» RMC50 & MG15

New products in PREVAC's offer!

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» PREVAC received AEO certificate

On 31st March, 2016 PREVAC received the certificate of „Authorised Economic Operator” issued by The Customs Agency in Katowice.

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» EA15 - PREVAC new analyser!

PREVAC presents new hemispherical energy analyser EA15.

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» 2015

» Polish synchrotron already open!

The "Solaris" Synchrotron in Cracow was opened on Monday 21 September, 2015.

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» Interview with EMIL Team

Read an interview with EMIL Team from Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH.

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» Groundbreaking research results

Innovative research results obtained by KIT scientists on PREVAC's UHV XPS-IR system.

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» New ES40 Power Supply

New Electron Source Power Supply ES40-PS with large touchscreen.  

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» PREVAC awarded on the final gala of „Golden Laurel of Skills and Competence”

The gala took place on 17th January 2015 in The House of Music and Dance in Zabrze

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» 2014

» New power supplies

Now available! New IS40 Power Supply with Wien Filter option.  

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» Hevelius launch successful.

On 19 August at 5:15 the second satellite of the BRITE-PL project, "Hevelius" was successfully launched into Earth orbit.

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» Satellite tested on PREVAC’s apparatus.

Soon, the second polish satellite, „Heweliusz“ will be launched into space.

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» Coming soon: new power supplies

Ion Source Power Supply IS40-PS & Wien Filter Power Supply IS40-WPS

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» TMC13 New Features!

Check out what's new in Thickness Monitor Controller TMC13.

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» Check out new cutting-edge research results

Cutting-edge research results obtained on PREVAC's high pressure XPS system. Read Dr. Chinnakonda's abstract about his achievements and refer to the full online articles and publications.

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» 2013

» New PREVAC electronics

Check out our new line of electronics!

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» Inauguration of Factory Engineers of XXI century

Prime Minister Donald Tusk took part in the inauguration of a modern educational facility of Technical University of Łódź - Factory Engineers of XXI century - where PREVAC delivered its scientific equipment.

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» Interview with Dr. Ante Hecimovic

Read an interview with Dr. Ante Hecimovic about new HiPIMS system.

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» The Silesian NANO Cluster

PREVAC is a member of „ The Silesian NANO Cluster” which is focused on developing Silesia as an innovative region favouring the development of nanotechnology.

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» Mazovia Center for Surface Analysis

Newly opened Mazovia Center for Surface Analysis equipped with PREVAC`s XPS system. Read articles about the new Center of Institute of Physical Chemistry.

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» Interview with Prof. Henryk Fiedorowicz

Read an interview with Prof. Henryk Fiedorowicz about EUV (The Extreme Ultraviolet) created in cooperation with PREVAC.

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» 2012

» New ambient pressure XPS (ESCA) system

New ambient pressure XPS (ESCA) system - from 1 mbar to 10-10 mbar!

See technical description.

» Interview with Dr. Chinnakonda S. Gopinath

Read an interview with Dr. Chinnakonda S. Gopinath about his new XPS (ESCA) system and see photos from his visit at PREVAC.

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» This academic year in Silesia will be marked by large investments in modern labolatories

This academic year in Silesia will be marked by large investments in modern labolatories. See photos and read article published by “Dziennik Zachodni” about Silesian Intercollegiate Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research where PREVAC provides its scientific equipment.

» Jagiellonian University (Cracow) about Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectrometer

Read publication of Jagiellonian University (Cracow) about Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectrometer (ARPES) for studies of electronic structure of crystalline surfaces manufactured by PREVAC. (polish version only)

» Quality International 2012

PREVAC wins overall best prize in all three categories of the prestigious "Quality International 2012" competition!

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» We know the results!

PREVAC wins the "IT Leader 2012" competition in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises which was organized by Computerworld.

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» New HEAT-3 - new possibilities!

Power supply operated by completely intuitive touch screen with dual mode heating (resistive and electron bombardment) and high efficiency of 1500 W in 3U package.

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» Interview with Dr. Alexei Nefedov

Interview with Dr. Nefedov about UHV Multichamber XPS - IR system installed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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» New UHV Multichamber XPS - IR system installed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

New UHV Multichamber XPS - IR system installed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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» The VersaProbe extension implemented by PREVAC for the University of Binghamton.

The VersaProbe extension implemented by PREVAC for the University of Binghamton.

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» Silesian Intercollegiate Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research

Silesian Intercollegiate Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research.
See (video no.3) their new laboratory with PREVAC's equipment.

» New liquid helium cryostat manipulator

New liquid helium cryostat manipulator with sample cooling down to 4.8K!

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» New thickness monitor controller TMC-13

New thickness monitor controller TMC-13 designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes.
[see on youtube]

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