About us

PREVAC founded in Rogów (Upper Silesia, Poland) in 1996 is focused on setting the standards in precision UHV technology and PREVAC's logo is recognizable throughout the world as a mark of quality in this field.
Since its foundation PREVAC has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of research equipment for analysis of high and ultra high vacuum applications.
With many years market presence, PREVAC can be proud of some impressive achievements. Products - designed, manufactured and tested in Poland - are currently working all over the world helping leading researchers to achieve their goals.
PREVAC's greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled, dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterised by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity.



PREVAC is located in the town of Rogów in the Upper Silesia region of Southern Poland.

The company’s headquarters are within a short driving distance of three major airports:

  • Katowice Pyrzowice – 103 km (by motorway A1 and expressway S1)
  • Kraków Balice - 151 km (by motorway A1 and A4)
  • Ostrava Airport - 58 km

GPS 49.990524, 18.350446


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