EA15-HP1 Energy Analyser

Upgraded pressure range up to 5 mbar

Next level achieved! PREVAC EA15-HP1 Hemispherical Energy Analyser allow for high-resolution PES measurements in environments from UHV up to 5 mbar.



EA15-HP1 Energy Analyser

See EA15-HP1 Hemispherical Energy Analyser specifications.


Spectra of Ag3d peak, EA15-HP1, UHV to 5mbar

Spectra of silver Ag3d peak, obtained by PREVAC EA15-HP1 analyser and PREVAC X-ray source
RS 40B1 (HP version), from UHV up to 5mbar, excitation energy Al Kα 1486.6 eV, 400W


Pressure chart 5mbar


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