Interview with Dr. Chinnakonda S. Gopinath

Read an interview with Dr. Chinnakonda S. Gopinath about his new XPS (ESCA) system and see photos from his visit at PREVAC.



Interview with Dr. Chinnakonda S. Gopinath
from National Chemical Labolatory in India

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1. Dr. Gopinath You are after tests of your new UHV system. What is your first impression?


My first impression is very good. On the first day I was a bit overwhelmed due to the complexity
of the machine. However, on the 4th and 5th day, I learnt a lot about how to handle "my baby" ;).
I am particularly impressed by the safety aspects that have been incorporated in the machine.
I hope it will be a good and trouble free high pressure XPS system in the long run.


2. This is a high pressure XPS system. Why did You choose this technique? What is the destination of yourfuture researches?


Indeed, the high pressure XPS is a relatively new technique and available only in selected laboratories
around the world. With this technique, we will be able to simulate the chemical and catalytic reactions on solid surfaces
up to 1 mbar pressure. This helps us to understand the real nature of surfaces under reaction conditions
(1 mbar pressure and temperature up to 600°C). With a conventional XPS technique the simulation
of reaction would not be possible.
Heterogeneous catalytic reactions occur on catalyst surfaces at atmospheric (or higher) pressure
and high temperatures. By using the high pressure XPS, we will be able to analyze the catalyst surface
under reaction conditions. This also helps us to bridge the pressure gap that exists between actual
reaction conditions and conventional (or traditional) XPS measurement conditions. This is the goal
of our future research. We hope to perform cutting edge science in the field of catalysis with the high
pressure XPS machine.


3. What do You think about PREVAC`s software? Do You find it as user friendly?


There is always a possibility to make something more user-friendly; however, I think PREVAC`s software
has come out very nicely.


4. Have You ever before had an opportunity to work on PREVAC`s equipment?


No, unfortunately I have never had an opportunity to work on any PREVAC's system, but now I have
my own system ;)


See technical description of the new ambient pressure XPS (ESCA) system.



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