Quality International 2012

PREVAC wins overall best prize in all three categories of the prestigious "Quality International 2012" competition!

The “Highest Quality International” program targets organizations that display business achievements at the highest level.
Patronage on the QI programme, organized by the editors of the Business Forum, is held by:
Ministry of Regional Development,
Polish Forum ISO 9000,
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The winners are selected from among three categories:
QI product – products of the highest quality,
QI services - services of the highest quality,
QI order – management of the highest quality.

This year PREVAC won three golds!
The gold for QI product was gained for "Ambient pressure XPS(ESCA)/UPS system". The gold for QI service was awarded for our “VersaProbe modification” work carried out at Binghampton University in the USA. PREVAC’s management was also recognized by the jury and awarded as the highest level quality order.

See video from QI gala.



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