Interview with Dr. Ante Hecimovic

Read an interview with Dr. Ante Hecimovic about new HiPIMS system.



Interview with Dr. Ante Hecimovic
from Institute For Experimental Physics II, Ruhr University Bochum

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Could you shortly describe your organisation?

Institute’s central research point is application oriented plasma physics, with 5 senior scientists, 5 junior scientists, 22 graduate and undergraduate students, and 5 technicians.

What is the aim of your undertaken research?

The vacuum chamber is used by high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) group investigating the correlation between plasma and deposited thin films obtained by this plasma vapour deposition (PVD) technique.

Could you please say why did you contact PREVAC when choosing who would be your partner equipment supplier?


Initial idea of combined plasma diagnostic-thin film deposition capable chamber required a supplier flexible on the subject of design and with good references. Both requirements were met by PREVAC.


What is your organisation trying to achieve with the planned research using this equipment?


The chamber is equipped with substrate manipulation system that allows depositing thin films. Moreover the design of the chamber with multiple feedthroughs allows use of various plasma diagnostic techniques to characterise the plasma and ultimately correlate it with the properties of the deposited material.

What is your opinion of our approach to fulfil your needs?

The communication on all levels was remarkable, including understanding the concept and improving the initial design created by our technician, up to delivery phase when the final product was additionally adjusted to fit our needs. Support was adequate with fast response time.

What problems did we encounter along the way and how we worked together to resolve these?

All the challenges encountered were mostly on the technical basis and were promptly resolved to our satisfaction.

What benefit does our equipment to your research?

The equipment gave us a freedom to conceive complex task that lead to improved understanding of physical mechanisms relevant in our field.



See technical description of the HIPIMS system.




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